FotoMagico stuck at Setup Assistant

I purchased and installed yesterday. it worked yesterday now when I launch FotoMagico I get the setup screen, click Continue and a progress bar shows up with Loading Product Data from Server and it never stops. I left it for 30min no change. I purchased this for a project I need to finish today. Its a slideshow for a BSA Court of Honor. Any suggestions? I have killed it and restarted a couple times no change.

thx - Alan

Download 4.5.1 but before install Get Free AppCleaner and UnInstall “Magico” and all Prefs etc… see pic… this fixed all my problems and Boinx Support guys showed me the way. ; )

extremely delayed response from me, but Thank you! that did it. I have used AppCleaner in the past, didn’t even think of that. Working great now.