Fotomagico Slideshow on a P.C.

How can I save a Fotomagico slideshow so that it will play on a P.C.

Is anyone from Boinx going to give any ANY proper support on this?

With the growing interest of Photo Clubs in AV’s it’s an urgent question and a good reason to dump Fotomagico, even if it means spending more money on a rival product.

To play a FotoMagico slideshow on a PC it is best to export it as an MP4 (h.264) video.

In the Share menu, choose “Custom Video”. Set the video size to 1920x1080 with 50 fps, in the Video section, choose “H264” Codec, “MP4” as Format, “High Profile 5.0” as Profile and save the file to your local hard drive. From there, copy it on a USB stick formatted in ExFAT so that your Windows computer can read it. On the Windows computer, copy the file to the local hard drive and use the video player to play back the file.