Fotomagico quits on mac

I am running 6.5.7 on a mac studio. I am editing a 200 slide presentation. When I add a blank slide, add text and then start typing the text, Fotomagico quits.

Is this a known issue?
Never had it before.

Sorry for the troubles! Please can you send me a crashlog of this occurrence (can be found the the “” by Apple) to achim(at)boinx(dot)com. Thanks!

Thanks for the crashlog you sent via email. In this crashlog it looks like you selected the “Undo” menu item and that causes the crash. I was able to reproduce the Undo-Problem, however I get a message, that the Undo stack is corrupted and FotoMagico can’t provide “Undo” at this stage and moves on, no crash. We are investigating.