Fotomagico plugin not showing in FCPX

I have installed the latest FxFactory 2.6.3 and have registered the Fotomagico 1.3 plugin in the FxFactory app. Fotomagico doesn’t show up in the list of generators.

What am I doing wrong?


Am I the only one who bought this to use in FCPX?

I know Boinx people are here but why no help yet?

Heellllooooo? Anybody home? Hmm all the lights are on…

Hi Lakes. Please excuse me for my english.

Regarding fotomagico generator, I’m using it with fcp7 to build the video section along the music. Then I export to ProRes422 file and finally import that referenced file in fcpX to refine the project. I know that this workflow isn’t professional but it works for me.

Here it is my last work.


you’re not the only one Lakes. hello boinx! where’s my plug in in FCPX?
and another question after creating a screensaver video on my new imac it wont play on my minimac. you see 64 bit in your screen and that’s it. how can i get this straight?
tnx, anyone.

Due to the changes in the architecture from FCP 7 to FCPX, the FotoMagico generator doesn’t work in FCPX at the moment. Sorry.

Bastian, I wondered if it’s a new moment yet. ::grin:: Does (or will) FM4 export to FCPX?

Thanks. Joel.