FotoMagico iPadIOS App (on iPadIOS 14.4, Public Beta)

Running the FotoMagico IOS App on an iPad Pro (12/2019) using iPadIOS 14.4 (Public Beta) I am facing a couple of issues:

  1. mov.files created on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur will run on the Mac properly (as usually in the past) but on the iPad Pro (as well as an iPhone 12 Pro) they judder. Older mov.files generated based on Catalina still running smoothly on both units. To change the format to mp4 unfortunately does not make any difference for Big Sur generated videos
  2. fms.files created on the MacBook Pro (Big Sur) are running on that machine without any problems, but facing issues when starting for presentation mode on the iPad
    • the animation “pixel” will result in black screen
    • panorama photos from the iPhone will result in black screen too (but not any panorama?)
    • after the black screen effect the presentation will continue without any problems