FotoMagico embedding into website


I’ve been doing some research on this, and so far I’ve come up empty handed as far as the proper routine to take for embedding a FotoMagico video. I know that it can be exported to a quicktime file and/or made into a YouTube, but neither of those are maintaining the quality of what I’d like, and what’s demonstrated on the FotoMagico homepage. It looks like it’s embedded onto the site, is this something we can do easily? If someone could give me some insight on this, I would really appreciate it. I’m still using the demo, but am sold on the product and am ready to make the purchase as soon as I can get it to embed onto a website with high quality. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


A vimeo upload for FotoMagico is in the making! In the meanwhile you should use the QuickTime exporter with H264 compressor for best quality to export your slideshow and upload this movie to vimeo. They provide a very short iframe-HTML code to embed the video in you website.

Great to hear! Any idea on the ETA? Is there any type of guide or FAQ for the H264 compressor? I’ve been struggling to keep the quality of the projects that I’m creating with FotoMagico, which are very impressive.

ETA: It should be in the next update but we don’t have a release date yet.
Export: You select the “QuickTime” Export Option of the “Sharing” menu. You will get a new window to setup the export process. Here you will find a “Compression: Customize” button. once pressed you will get the system wide QuickTime export dialog. At the top you can setup the compression by pressing the “Video Settings…” button. because here are a million options for you to select from it is hard to tell which are the best. Try “Compression Type: H.264” and shift the “Compressor Quality” slider at the bottom to “Best”.