Fotomagico Crashes when switching from storyboard to timeline - El Capitan

Fotomagico always crashes when I switch from storyboard to timeline. I have updated to El Capitan. I called tech support and they are not aware of the issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue. I have a new iMac with 1TB hard drive and 16gb of memory.

Hi, wmrrock – YES, I have the same problem!!

I reported the issue a few days ago and tech support is looking into it. I have also posted it to the “new” FotoMagico 5 Beta forum. This issue occurs on BOTH FM 4.6.3 and FM 5.0b30 (the beta version) for me.

In fact, ever since I updated from Yosemite to El Capitan just over a week ago, I cannot get the released FM 4.6.3 NOR FM 5.0b30 to even OPEN pre-existing slide shows that I have created over the years without the app crashing immediately upon startup. My wife is still running Yosemite on her laptop and her desktop iMac and FotoMagico (both versions mentioned) continue to work as they did before. I know Boinx has reported that FM is compatible with the new OS X release, but so far I have not been able to get it to work without crashing on my MacBook Pro.

@stantastic and @fotomagico support:
I have the same problem here with exactly the parameters stantastic described.
Help is highly appreciated!!

Hi Guys,
we can reproduce this issue and we’ll publish an update ASAP.

Please name a aprox. date for the update…

Thanks, Bastian – that’s what I want to hear!! :slight_smile: As soon as FM 5.0 gets out of beta into its released version, I’m ready to purchase the upgrade. There are a number of cool features showing up in the beta that I like. Of course, there are a number of features I’ve been asking for over the last few years that AREN’T showing up, but…

Yes… is there an ETA ?? just bought Fotomagico recently, and am just starting to work on a project with a time sensitive deadline… I was dissapointed when I sat down to work with it and it kept crashing…

I’m glad you guys are working on an update, but an ETA would be great !!! Thanks !!!

Currently we a re trying to figure out why it happens exactly. We know the source but haven’t found a reason for it.
The crashes only happen if your slideshow contains MP3 or AAC/M4A audio in it. The Audio waveform rendering process crashes FotoMagico when switching to timeline mode.
The workaround is to remove those audio file in storyboard bode and re-encode them to WAV or other PCM Audio. I know this is far from ideal but engineering is currently only working on figuring this out.

Hi, Bastian – is it possible this is also the cause of FM crashing immediately after opening a pre-existing slide show that contains AAC, mp4, or m4a audio in it? Of all of my existing FM slideshows, only ONE will open without crashing the app – but ALL of our presentations contain mostly AAC audio (so why would one file work and the others not?)

After my experience with existing slideshows:
FM crashed always in the moment you open it, if your slideshow was last saved in storyboard mode. If you saved it in timeline mode, FM will start normal but will crash by switching the mode.

And an additional bug, I think caused by the same reason: Export is not possible and produced a corrupted file…

@Olaf Franke: I have rarely used Storyboard mode in creating slideshows simply because the Timeline mode shows me more information, so I’m almost positive all of our existing presentations were saved when FM was in the Timeline mode. I know that there WAS a problem switching from Storyboard to Timeline, but the latest 5.0b32 release a couple of days ago fixed that (as far as I could tell). But when I tried with that version to open pre-existing shows, the same error occurred - an instant crash. Either way, regardless, it shouldn’t crash at all.

As soon as FotoMagico opens timeline view, it tries to render the waveforms. So far it looks like a bug in OS X 10.11.