FotoMagico Christmas Snippet

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>FotoMagico Christmas Snippet</strong>
           <p><p> <div align="Center">Last Christmas, you gave them your art,<br /> But the very next day, they threw it away...<br /> This year, to preserve it for years,<br /> give them something special... </div></p>  <p>Download the free FotoMagico Christmas Snippet, add your own photos, finish with a personal message and send your loved ones a personal video Christmas card that will make them smile.</p>  <p><a href="" class="button">Download Free Christmas Snippet...</a></p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Thank you!

I’m not clear about how to use the snippet. All the photos appear with a gray screen over them (except the end photos). Are they just place holders or can they be made to appear without the gray screen?

@bubba5 yes, they are placeholders and need to be replaced with your own photos.

Ok… I think I have it loaded, now I want to make a Christmas slide show. How do I get started?