FotoMagico can handle 4k


Export in Apple ProRes is possible in 4k format. But I need 4k with other container .mp4 or mkv.

If I convert the Apple ProRes slideshow with Apple Compressor, I get a h.264 .mov file, which does not play on my new Panasonic 4 k TV.

If I convert the slideshow with other converters like handbrake, the .mp4 or .mkv file stutters.

Is there any way to export a slideshow with h.264 codec in 4 k?


Currently there is no profile in the AVFoundation technology that Apple provides for compressing h.264 video that supports 4K.
Compressor 4 can create h.264 mp4 files in 4K though. You’ll need to create a custom preset.
I created a Compressor 4 droplet that creates a 25mbit/s 4K file for your to try:

Thank you Bastian, I have downloaded it and I am testing. Please can you tell me, how did you make the droplet? Compressor always makes the extension .mov.


Also jetzt auf deutsch:

Compressor erzeugt eine .mp4. Diese ruckelt am 4k Panasonic TV ganz ganz stark mit schwarzen Zwischenbildern. Egal mit welchem Converter ich die mit Fotomagico erzeugten ProRes 3840 x 2160 pix Videos in H.264 .mp4 umwandele, alle ruckeln.

4k Videos, die ich von Youtube oder anderen 4k Webseiten mit dem 4k Downloader lade, werden alle problemlos vom TV abgespielt.

Probiert ihr doch einmal, das irgendwie mal hin zu kriegen, da die Qualität der Fotos in dieser Auflösung einfach super ist.


OK, now I am testing FotoMagico

Manually quicktime export in 3840 x 2160, h.264, .mp4 works - but at my Panasonic TV there is only a black screen when I play the video.
When I press the - hold - button, the screen shows a still picture of my show in excellent quality. But when I restart the show, the black screen appears.
On my Mac the video plays stuttering.


Some more tests with export to .m4v, 30 fps and 25 Mbit. The pan and zoom effect is smooth, but the transition effect flickers. Some times the movie stops suddenly with a still image.


Hallo - keine Hilfe für mich?

Once again my question:

Boinx said: FotoMagico can handle 4 k format.

Question: How ???

Export is only possible (4.4.8) in Apple ProRes Format !

What do you mean with - can handle 4 k format - ?

Are you still on holiday?


OK, yesterday I got it,