Fotomagico Audio Problem Standalone Player


As a Mac’s Fotomagico user, I recently had a problem with it: for a few days, the programme worked just fine but, suddenly, only on the Standalone player mode, while playing a project, the audio disappeared and there was no way to fix it; plus, logging in as an another user, the file worked just fine without the above mentioned problem (which didn’t happen on the main user). Then, I formatted my Mac and everything was okay again, with the audio working and such, but the exact same problem occurred to a friend of mine and I would like to know if there’s another way to solve it.

Thanks in advance!

normally when there is no sound in a standlone player, the master volume in FotoMagico is dialed down. In this case use the mouse wheen on your mouse or scrolling on your trackpad and scroll up.

“Thanks for the tip, now it’s working perfectly :)”