FotoMagico 6 temporary items folder

Right-clicking on an audio file in the slideshow I’ve just finished tells me that the file is deeply buried in a “TemporaryItems” folder that’s within a “com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS” folder. The “TemporaryItems” folder has 16.55 GB of files in it, in four subdirectories with names like “NSIRD_FotoMagico_cDvBm3”. I would like to trash the items in my “TemporaryItems” folder that are not needed for any my FotoMagico slideshows, but how can I tell which of them are not needed?

If this is the folder that’s in Caches, this is just to let you know that mine is just 8KB. However, I wouldn’t mess with it if I were you, until you have raised a support request.

I’ve raised a support request about this. Support responded to my request, but not in a way that definitively answers my question about this.

The TemporaryItems folder I referred to above now contains 3.02 GB of files. That’s better than it 16.55 GB of files it contained earlier. But I’d feel much better about FotoMagico 6 if I could be confident that FotoMagico 6 itself will do something reasonable to not let the number of temporary items it stores on my Mac get out-of-hand.

I’ve corresponded further with Tech Support about this problem. The Support person informed me that the Mac OS should empty the TemporaryItems folder each time I restart. That appears to be true, and so I am reasonably confident now that my issue is a non-issue.