Fotomagico 6 subscription based?

I’ve just seen in the beta of Fotomagico a button “Subscribe”. Do you plan to drop licences and switch to a subscription model like some of your other softwares ?

Thank you

It looks like this.
The following pages (via Fastspring with price and credit card) are already linked.
But no evidence of upgrades.
This year Fotomagico faces competition in Europe on the Mac with professional products “Wings” or “m.Objects”.

I don’t know about Wings, but I’ve downloaded m.Objects, and it doesn’t appear to me as a competitor for Fotomagico. It’s not translated, and the version I’ve downloaded runs on Mac with Wine. It’s not a real Mac version.

You are absolutely right, m-objects is not pure MAC software, it runs on Mac. According to the announcement, Wings X as the successor to the Windows AV Show software Wings (Platinum) 7 from Stumpfl will be made available this autumn as a completely new Mac application (new development since autumn 2019 based on the Wings 7 functionality).

I just wanted to express that the unique selling point of fotomagico on the Mac is faltering. And I also hope that this will have a positive impact on the pricing (no subscriptions) for us as customers.

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I’m curious – I tried to do some snooping around regarding both “m.objects” and “Wings.” m.objects is NOT a Mac product, but you say it runs on Mac. I’m assuming that you mean it will run under the Windows OS on a Mac using something like Parallels or Boot Camp? I looked at some of the video tutorials and it sure has a lot to offer (what I could make out, anyway, since I don’t understand German). And although I tried, I couldn’t come up with a price for it – so what is the pricing, and is it subscription-based? I tried looking for “Wings” as well, but gave up after a while (too many Google hits on things about wings but nothing about software – I’ll have to dig some more).

I don’t really care for any app that comes as a “subscription” – my wife uses Photoshop and she’s okay with the monthly fee, so I can’t complain for her. Meanwhile, I “used” to use Toast Titanium, and did so for years – even though it’s NOT a subscription-based piece of software, they are CONSTANTLY putting out updates, almost every two to four months or so, bumping the version numbers up a notch, and charging the same high price over and over and over again. Even if you had a license, there was no way to buy it at a discounted price (but they did offer “sale” prices all the time – you just had to wait for the price to come down). It came to a point where there really wasn’t anything NEW being added to the software that I just HAD to have, so I stopped upgrading (and found it was still working fine, regardless). A bit off-topic there, so sorry about that.

I haven’t heard of FM going subscription-based, and so far nothing points to that. Even the “subscription” link on the beta splash page doesn’t really hint at that. Basically, if you buy a “subscription” what you’re really getting is a “license” which opens the app up to use ALL of its functions. I might be wrong, though.

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I had the same experience with Toast Titanium.

FM for the iPad has always only been available as a subscription version.

I don’t really want to describe any products that compete with FM in this forum. But m.objects uses an intermediate layer (I personally don’t like it). Wings X comes from Stumpfl ( Both products deliver more in their expansion stages, but are also more complicated to use.

I could definitely see how “complicated” m.objects could be just looking at the tutorials. But it looked like it had a lot to offer as well. That’s why I was wondering just how much they charge for it. Pro Show Gold for Windows finally disappeared, then reappeared for the Mac as Photopia. Again, a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription fee. But it also has some really nice features as well.

I’ve been using Fotomagico for a number of years and I AM happy with it. There are a number of things I’d like to see it do that it doesn’t – but I keep using it because it works (for me, anyway). And the guys at Boinx (well, Peter!) is always ready to tackle anything that comes up. Some nice features have been added to the new FM 6.x beta versions – and of course, while it’s still in beta, there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed.

Since FM4, FM5 and now with FM6beta, I have always been enthusiastic about the ease of use.
The prices for purchase and update were ok.
The iOS version already has the subscription model, but has not been further developed. But subscription in particular should advance the development.
The currently planned prices are too high.
At it’s true.
Alternatives to FM are not visible to me.
Only Blackmagic Davinci Resolve brings good results, but unfortunately with a lot of effort.

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Korrekt, der Abo-Preis ist unakzeptabel, besonders wenn FotoMagico 6 nicht regelmäßig genutzt wird.
Schade, denn die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten von FotoMagico 6 sind vorbildlich.
Vielleicht überlegt sich Boinx noch einmal die Verkaufsstrategie!

Oder, du überdenkst nochmal, dass du nur Monate zahlst, die du nutzt. Ich brauche es zweimal pro Jahr (in zwei verschiedenen Monaten: ≈ 18 USD pro Jahr?) Angucken kann ich auch ohne Abo.


Es freut mich, dass Sie die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten von FotoMagico 6 so positiv bewerten.

Gerade wenn FotoMagico nicht regelmäßig genutzt wird, ist die Möglichkeit, es nur für einen Monat zu einem sehr geringen Preis zu nutzen, doch sicher sinnvoll?