Fotomagico 6 - adjust speed of a video clip

Would you please consider adding a feature to adjust the speed of a video clip?

Thanks very much

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You can pick your video on the timeline and go to Slide Options and find the animation speed setting. Adjust the speed with the curve points. And check how fast your videos play in the slideshow.


  1. I could not increase the speed this way.
  2. the Animation slider has NO effect on the video speed.

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@ac-vision, you are correct; there is currently no option to change the playback speed of the video. @JamieC1 was referring to the ‘Animation Speed’ setting, which will affect the pan and zoom animation of the video boundaries on the canvas itself but not the video playback speed. Anyways, thank you for your feature request!

Okay. I understand what you say. It’s good to know some different thing.