Fotomagico 5: Will It Continue to be Functional?

Will FM5 continue to be functional if it is compatible with future Mac OS releases?

FM5 is no longer being developed, so eventually it will not work with OS upgrades. I did test it on Ventura when it was released and it was working OK as far as I could tell. But that may no longer be the case as more updates come out.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you!

No. On an M1 iMac it will not launch FM5. There is no detailed error. From now on only rip-off subscription? No thank you. Without me! Off to other software.

Of course, you’re free to not buy subscriptions. But as your case shows, they are the only way to make this a sustainable business. I strongly object to the suggestion that we are ripping people off. We constantly have to put work into keeping it working with new hardware (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, MacOS Monterey, MacOS Ventura, minor releases of MacOS Ventura, new versions of Adobe Lightroom, YouTube API updates and on and on and on). Making FotoMagico work on M1 and the latest MacOS version was a 5 year development project. If you don’t want to pay for that, then who should? We’re also adding new features, tutorials, snippets and more all the time that benefit all existing users. There isn’t going to be a steady stream of new users, especially for a niche product like FotoMagico, to live off of new sales alone.

If you find a way that we do not have to pay wages, electricity, rent, insurance, food and all that stuff every month, let me know. Then we can return to the good old days of “perpetual” licenses (which were only subscriptions in disguise as you still had to pay updates if you wanted the new features or to upgrade to the latest computer and OS.)

I can confirm that FM5 opens and replays existing slideshows on an M1 Mac mini running the latest version of Ventura.
When I return from an upcoming trip I will create a new slideshow in FM5 to see how it fares.

As a returning customer from your early years - I was wondering how this unique software (now with maps OMG) was not more “in the public consciousness” (I’m in marketing).

Your message here hits all the marks. Worth the extra money. You don’t abandon your base, and you outline specific costs.

*and forums piled up with whiny “ANTI-SUBSCRIPTIONS” bitching are likely unaware that now Women can vote, Milk is not delivered in glass at your door anymore, and bitching about stability and subscriptions in the same sentence … . well, there you have it.