FotoMagico 5 Info request (about Text insertions)


I noticed it is possible to insert a text “String” on top of each and every slide
in a diaporama. One possibility is to insert some variable into this string,
and it is indeed easy to “insert an image title”. So far so good.

But : there is also an item labelled “image caption” for
which I am unable to guess what exact Exif item it is indeed. I strongly suspect that,
like in the previous case, the caption is extracted from a specific
EXIF tag of the relevant picture, bat could you please tell me which one, exactly ?

I played a little bit with the Exifs of some picture, but while inserting some subtitle
in the picture Exif through the -Caption tag works very well (I used the « exiftool »
command on MacOSX), I cannot display the inserted string in my diaporama
through the relevant variable ( in French). What’s up ?
What could I be doing wrong ?

Thank you in advance for any hint, Regards, G.