Fotomagico 5 and big sur

I now am working on a Imac 2019 with Big Sur 5,5,6,14 when I open
an .fms file created on my “old Imac” with High Sierra the music is “gone” : I can see the music file and the titel and there is no sound at all ?? the volume is set to " normal" ! Any idea how to solve this rather strange occurence ? The Fotomacigo version is nr 5,6,14 (23033) Pro version. Thanks for your advice and help.

Strange: I ran some older pre-Big Sur slideshows and got no music. Closed the app, then tried some newer ones and they played correctly. Went back to an older one and it too was now playing. No idea what happened and not sure it helps you.

I opened three slide shows in FM 5.6.14 that were created both pre-Big Sur AND pre-FM5 and they all ran correctly, including the music tracks that usually started within the first two or three slides. Not sure why you had trouble, but I’m am convinced things are NOT always the same for everybody.

I can add that each of my slideshows is saved within its own folder – that includes all the photos AND all the music tracks. So if there’s any “linking” of files, the slideshow and the app itself during playback never has to go looking elsewhere for all the components. That might have something to do with it, but I can’t be certain.