Fotomagico 5 & 6 "hit a bump..." issue

I’m using FotoMagico 5, downloaded and sign in using my FotoMagico 5 ID, having trouble and want to switch back to finish a WIP in FotoMagico 5.
Opened and the program will soon give me “FotoMagico has hit a bump in the road …” I tried “quit”, Continue", “Exit”, each time returning to program this message comes up.
Uninstall FotoMagico 6 Free Trial?

If you’ve updated to Sonoma (which you didn’t mention), FM 5 is going to give you that “…hit a bump in the road…” error, depending on what you’re doing. You can still finish a WIP that you started in FM 5 by updating to FM 6 (look elsewhere for your purchasing options regarding monthly or yearly). You can always use FM 6 to PLAY presentations, but if you don’t purchase the upgrade, you can’t make any edits. (I think I got that all correct!)

Thank you. I’ll try this weekend.