FotoMagico 5.4

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>FotoMagico 5.4</strong>
           <p><p>FotoMagico 5.4 is now available both for download from our website and from the Mac App Store if you bought it there.</p>  <p>The release addresses several small issues and ads layer blend modes for new creative possiblities as well as new text placeholder tokens for dates.</p>  <p>It also fixes the crash-at-launch experienced by FotoMagico 5.3 users due to an expired developer certificate.</p>  <p><a href="">Get FotoMagico 5.4...</a></p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Have downloaded the zip but the Fotomagico icon on my desktop disappeares when i shutdown & reboot my computer can you give me a solution to resolve this issue please.
John Cook

when I click - download - it says 'safari can’t open the specified address

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Photoshop. I know a little bit that withe blend mode two layers can be added or subtracted or something like that. In Youtube are examples to substitute the poor background of a picture. But how to use this new feature in FM 5.4? Exists a demo to explain it for a standard user?

Hi, willyman – I’m with you, “sorta”! It would be nice to see a sample demo made by the Boinx guys that show off the blending layers in all their combinations. Which basically, I think, would demonstrate WHY they decided to add that feature in the first place. Like me, you CAN just play with it to see what it does – and hopefully it will spark some ideas.

I created a slide show a long time ago of our trip to New Zealand and for the intro had the text “NEW ZEALAND” in extremely large caps go from right to left across the screen. I made the text white, and adjusted the transparency, so you could see THROUGH the letters to the background landscape. Nothing magical, but it had a nice effect. What I tried with the NEW blending layers was to add some very large text in a very bold font and use the Darken blend mode. I added carriage returns ABOVE the text, and carriage returns below, which creates a “black” background in (and around) the text box. BUT – it also lets the background image to “show through.” So as the text scrolls left to right, you can see the background exposed THROUGH the text letters. By setting different blend modes and adjusting the visibility and opacity of a particular layer, you can get some interesting effects.

But I agree – they added this for a reason, so it would be nice to see what they came up for a demo. Same as when they added that 3-D layering effect using .png files.