FotoMagico 5.1b3: Print speaker notes, contact sheets and shot lists

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>FotoMagico 5.1b3: Print speaker notes, contact sheets and shot lists</strong>
           <p><p>Beta testing for <strong>FotoMagico 5.1</strong> has begun. It features printing of:</p>  <ul> <li>Speaker notes to help you memorize your presentation</li> <li>Contact sheets for an overview of all photos used</li> <li>Shot lists to help you gather all the photos you need to fill your snippets.</li> </ul>  <p>If you have a valid FotoMagico 5 license, you're welcome <a href="">to download</a>, try it and let us know how you like the new printing feature. (If you bought FotoMagico 5 at the Mac App Store and would like to participate in the beta testing, please contact our sales department.)</p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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This is great news, as a presenter and creator of large-scale (400+ image) slide shows these are features I have been looking for. Downloading beta today!