FotoMagico 5.1 now available

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>FotoMagico 5.1 now available</strong>
           <p><p>FotoMagico 5.1 is now available <a href="">from our website</a> and the Mac App Store</a>.</p>  <p>New features include:</p>  <ul> <li>Speaker notes to help you memorize your presentation</li> <li>Contact sheets for an overview of all photos used</li> <li>Shot lists to help you gather all the photos you need to fill your snippets</li> <li>4K Export to Vimeo</li> </ul>  <p>Fixes and improvements include:</p>  <ul> <li>Anamorphic videos are now correctly rendered when sharing a slideshow</li> <li>Improved audio credits when sharing a slideshow on YouTube.</li> </ul></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Sorry, I’m a little bit frustrated. I like the SW and I use it since V3.
After an update 6 month ago I CAN NOT USE THE PRESENTATION MODE, the reply jerks like crazy b39 has been the last usable version.
I had a lot of letter traffic with Boinx to help, but no solution till today. Hope you will fix the bug soon.
Best regards.

I just received my FptpMagico yesterday with Roxio Titanium 14
how do I check if I have the latest version?

same her on my iMac and Macbook. Boinx told me that they know the issue and they are working on a solution. But no idea when this will happen.


Hi there – I paid for and downloaded fotomagico5 this afternoon, paying £39.99 by PayPal, but I have not received a licence number – can you help, please?
– Rod (

I recently purchased FotoMagico 5 (from the Apple Store), and I have been using updated versions of FotoMagico 4 for nearly two years. However, I am not able to upgrade to FotoMagico 5 Pro. Any help or insight would be appreciated. TIA.

I bought Foto Magico5 at App Store. Now I would upgrade this to Magico5 Pro. But the message from IN-APP-Käufe is
Bestätigen Sie Ihren In-App-Kauf
Möchten Sie „Upgrade auf Pro von FotoMagico 4“ für 49,99 € kaufen?

But I need an upgrade to Magico5 Pro. Can you help me?
Best regards moka

Moka, can you please contact the sales department at

You can write in German.

@moka Sorry for the confusion. The text localisation was mixed up. I now updated it, but the App Store might not show it for a while. The product is the correct one, though.

Which version should I ultimately use? 5.1 or the 5.2b5 which is now on my computer? What could possibly be different?

@FreddyNoel a detailed list of changes from version to version is at

In general, in newer versions more bugs are fixed, but there is also a chance we introduced new ones.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Bought Pro 5 version yesterday but don’t know what version to download and instal the current version, i.e. 5.1.3 or the latest BETA version - I have emailed sales twice with no reply - is this the normal delay in replyong. Any help appreciated

@Rooster Sorry to hear that you have not received a reply yet. This is certainly not the standard.

As to your question, if you want to play with the latest features, download the beta version. Generally, the latest non-beta is the safer bet for production work, though.

Emailed for tech support who responded within 24 hrs. - great!!
Brought to this forum immediately after installing the Beta version - Tech support said I can always go back to the “stable version” - I assume that Beta versions become stable eventually? (new to this kind of thing). Not sure if this is the place to ask questions however - when you add text to a slide and audio (say narration) and you move the slide to a different place in the slide show does the text and audio move with it?

I’ve got fotomagico 4, is it compatible with mac os sierra
Thank you