FotoMagico 5.0b57: Performance optimization and bug fixing

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           <p><p>FotoMagico 5 is nearing the finish line, the release is now scheduled for March 2nd, 2016.</p>  <p>The <strong>Early Bird Sale</strong> ends on Feb. 28th, 2016, so hurry up to <a href="">get your update at a discount</a> if you haven't already.</p>  <p><a href="">FotoMagico 5.0b57</a> has just been released with more bug fixes and performance optimization on older Macs.</p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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I did a montage last night and getting ready to do another. one thing that I would like and it maybe included already in the new version…is VU meters, so I don’t have to guest the level between songs-or any audio for that matter.

Import audio fails on certains mac (mine :=((). No solved !!!

Found the reason for crash on startup. I have Intego Internetsedurity installed. While starting up, FM opens comms to your servers which requires approval from me via Intego. Seems as if the Window for approval was hidden and did not get my response. Thus, after a while, FM hung up…

Video now renders and plays when exported from Fotomagico as part of a presentation (which was a problem up until a couple of versions ago) . However a sound track added in addition to the video with sound, and made to fade during the video playing so you could only hear the video sound does not render correctly - both the video and the separate sound track play fully when rendered for export, though the sound does work OK when played from Fotomagico itself. The problem only comes when rendered for export.

Imported sound tracks are frequently and unpredictably clipped.

I purchased fotomagico 4 DVD. Will downloading through Apple be a problem?
Has an easy way to export presentations to be viewed on a Windows PC been achieved yet?

Still the same problem . Program stops after “preparing” and starting “rendering video”.
Edition 4 was ok, update to 5 remains a disaster

Hi Roger,
The latest beta fixes the export getting struck in the rendering step.

Still FM5 is not exporting a small show into a video - even, when the show does not contain a video FM says, it could´t render the video!

But much worse: I can´t open my existing FM4 shows, since I loaded FM 5. Thank´s god, I don’t´t have a public show this weekend. Typical Boinx…

actually I need a solution NOW, how to start my shows in FM4 again, as FM4 is crashing every time I try to start it, since I got FM5

HI we are the 3 of March !!!
When do you plan to release FM 5 ???
BR Richard

I have been working on a slideshow on and off for weeks, and FotoMagico crashes about every 30 minutes. I have to continually save my work and repeat previously accomplished work. I am eager for Version 5 to be released and hopeful that it will be better.

Where is FotoMagico5 promised March 2nd. I have also found that I have paid for the upgrade twice.

There was a message sent to all FM 5 beta testers that the release date was pushed out so they could continue working on cleaning up various issues.

my version is still 4.6.9 is this an update? or do I need to buy a new version?

Export as movie is still not working!

denny – FM 4.6.9 is the latest “released” version of FotoMagico. Version 5 is still in the beta stage. It was supposed to be released on March 2, but they decided to do some more tweaking before releasing it. If you move up to FM 5, once it IS released, you will undoubtedly need to purchase a new license (I don’t know what the pricing scheme will be, though – sometime back they stopped having a basic version and a pro version). If 4.6.9 works on your system and you find it doing what you want, then you probably don’t need to update. If you want all the new bells and whistles FM 5 has to offer, then you might want to consider updating. You can also sign up as a beta-tester and try out the newest version 5.