Fotomagico 4 works badder than Fotomagico 3

Hi all:

Since the first day than I update from Fotomagico 3 to 4, 10 mouth ago, after pay 100$, it´s don´t work well charging Aperture 3 library. Now I have can NOT see the Album or Carpets, only Proyects. If I have a Proyects with 500 photos, and workflows doing 6 or 10 Album inside the proyects, only see Fotomagico the proyets. I´m so angry, than put in the trash Fotomagico 4, and are working with 3.
Some one with the same problem ?

Please, Boinx team, make an update to correct this bug

Thx for attetntion

Sorry for the inconvenience! Yes, you are not the only use with problems using the Aperture library in FotoMagico. We are working hard to fix the issues here. However Aperture is constantly changing the library structure so that FotoMagico isn’t able to read it properly.

Can you please try this beta version and give us feedback how it works for you?

Oooooh, works, nice and good, as Fotomagico 3. But tell me it´s a trial mode ??? Thanks a lot, I nee now a license

Send you an email, with the capture screen of mine Fotomagico 4 About. Do you need any more ? I buy Foto 4 in App Store… thx