Fotomagico 4 EPIC FAIL!

We Just wanted to say (and i’m sure i’m not alone) how disappointed…actually frustrated we are ever since we “upgraded” to version 4 because we love fotomagico 3 so much . These problems couldn’t have come during a worse time for any photographers who were previously using version 3 which really didn’t have nearly as many issues. Fall is “crunch time” and if youre a busy full time photographer you know exactly what i’m talking about… Version 4 is so glitchy that we have spent the last two weeks trying to export files during the burn process with no solutions from boinx, there are constant freezing issues where we have to literally start from scratch, the template idea (is placeholder???) doesn’t really work when dropping in large selections of photos…it freezes, BARELY ANY SUPPORT AND TUTORIALS ARE EXTREMELY VAGUE. There are so many bugs in version 4 that should have been worked out that we are now forced to use other software to produce slide shows for our clients. (Wish i wouldn’t have deleted version 3 in all the hype and excitement…).
I really hope you folks at boinx gets all these and many more issues sorted out before you loose all of your followers…we went from pro show gold to fotomagico because we really had no choice when we switched to MAC but with final cut being so much more user friendly these days and so affordable…you guys have some big shoes to fill! This is not personal so please don’t be offended…It’s just business and i can’t afford to risk ours.

I concur 100%. Although I am new to FotoMagico & an emigrant from iMovie, I had big hopes for a Mac-based slideshow that was both professional & seamless to use. However, I have experienced numerous glitches & frustrations that (in my opinion) should have been sorted out prior to release.

Rather than throwing in the towel, I really would like to work with Boinx to correct these issues. But, because of commitments & deadlines, I cannot wait forever.

Thank you.

I could not agree more … I have just spent the last day redoing three shows for a client … but there is now a problem with the disks they received … so now I am trying to redo them again , but the files I saved have pictures & music missing … why release a product when it is crap … get your fingers out and fix the problem s … please.

I have to say I’ve had zero problems with FM v4. In fact it works much better for me than v3. I’m not discounting the above comments: I’m sure you’ve had problems. But comments like “why release a product when it is crap” is way over-the-top and not accurate for people in general.

Instead it would be more useful to realize that v4 works for the vast majority of people most of the time (if it didn’t then you’d see a LOT more comments re: general problems on this website). Instead it’s much more likely there’s some specific combo of software/hardware on your system that is contributing to the problem. It’s also possible there’s some user error creeping in. While it IS frustrating when something doesn’t work right for you, it’s going to be a lot more productive to stay calm, and work with Boinx to locate the nature of the conflict.

On the other hand, if you want to keep practicing being 2012’s drama-queen-of-the-year, well then carry on, you’re doing the right thing.

Hi everybody! Sorry for all the inconvenience and frustration this new Version of FotoMagico is bringing to you. We at Boinx are working hard to fix all the bugs that you found, but we didn’t when testing the software in our labs. Please consider three things:

  1. Our development team has decided to make a big step forward to bring to you the fixed timing in the timeline and multiple slides per slide slot. This change was a big undertaking and we had to implement a lot of things new from scratch. In such a complex application like FotoMagico it is impossible to test all possibilities how a user can tread the software.

  2. Apple introduced “Sandboxing” to make MacOS-X more reliable and secure than ever before. Sandboxing is one requirement to get into the Mac App Store, so we did implement it. Unfortunately it is a fairly new technology and isn’t working properly in all the cases we needed. Thats why there are those missing images. It certainly will improve over the next MacOS-X releases by Apple and our own releases.

  3. We need your feedback to fix the problems! The best way to help us fixing the problems are step by step instructions to reproduce the issues. Our support team is 24/7 available and is listening to your problems!

Hello fellow Fotomagicoers! I would like to add my experience since I have been using Fotomagico for around 3 years and currently have version 4.0.3.
We build Presentations for Clients and really appreciate the new features in Version 4, so first a big thank you to the Fotomagico team. For those of you with problems I feel your pain too because I had many problems when using the Beta version 4 but did manage to build a large Presentation for a client with it. To be honest I had a large learning curve with the audio section of the software because that is where I had quite a few problems which in turn caused missing or greyed out photo icons and crashes. The key I found was that I had to be '“very careful” when inserting the audio files. When I used previous versions I simply slide the audio against the previous inserted audio file and that worked quite well but the new version that caused many problems. I have found it is imperative to use the “Time Line” instead of the “Story Board” when inserting and adjusting the audio. If I used the "Story Board only and butted an audio file against the previous one and then switched to “Time Line” I could see where the audio file at times actually overlapped the previous one and that in turned caused problems. We just finished a Memorial DVD Presentation for a client and I had very few issues although it did crash once and sent the report to Fotomagico. We are very pleased with the new version and as all new software there are always bugs to work out since the software is used in so many different computer arrangements. High marks to Fotomagico for pin sharp and crystal clear images, layering, much better audio control, butter smooth animation and very fast rendering. We are very pleased with this version. In closing I want to mention too that when I had problems and emailed Fotomagico their fast response was much appreciated. Bill

To all and Boinx team
I too am having problems with the new v4.
I put a new discussion on yesterday about the image jerking at beginning and end of a zoom no matter what I changed to solve it and also that there is interfence with the audio during playback if iTunes is open even though it is not playing.
Today I tried to export to an m4v for my iPad and it finished as a .mov instead!!
Fortunately, I did not remove the 3.8 version and now when I have finished creating the slideshow in v4, I open it in the 3.8v to run it smoothly. There is no jerking at all when run with the 3.8 version so it is not something I am doing wrong it is v4.
At this moment , I am exporting to an m4v for my iPad using the 3.8 version.
For my style of slideshow, at the moment anyway, I am not using the muliple layers etc so I can still use 3.8v.
I also had to use the 3.8v to export the Stand Alone player for my Macbook (using v4 failed) as it still only has Snow Lepoard on it and having had some glitches upgrading to Mountain Lion - which I did JUST to get Fotomagico 4!!! - I do not want to upgrade the Macbook so will continue to run 3.8v.
I have have a number of crashes and some freezing too so having to remember to save at every adjustment rather than when I have finished a build or an edit.
I was doubting myself until I read these comments - so yes- I am not alone either.
Re Bills comment - I too switch from Timeline to Storyboard depending on what I need to do.
Let’s hope for a fix soon. The concept of the software is great and I still love the way it works especially with the now audio wave but… time is valuable and having to repeat all the time is frustrating.

I migrated to the Mac platform does little time. Researched software and found FotoMagico slideshow 4. I found articles on the Internet praising the software, including Apple itself. I decided to buy it. It was my biggest disappointment of software already purchased. I am a photographer, working with large workload, with this software lost two whole nights working. I could not understand how a software so praised could cause so much trouble.
Always crashed, had to restart every time. One time all images lost the reference, when the project opened only apareceia black squares, no pictures.
I lost my patience and bought another software.
I don’t accept a version released with so many bugs, and not having gone through proper testing.
This version is far from being considered a final release.

I was really enjoying FM 3.

Since i didn’t believe the less than outstanding feedbacks here and in the AppStore, i bought today FM4 in the AppStore.

To make it short: FM4 is U N U S A B L E on my MacBookPro Retina (10.7.5). PERIOD. And I’m using the usual photo flagship software, LR4, PS CS6, Dxo Pro, Niks PlugIns without problems!

I can’t use the Demo.fms in FullScreen view, program crashes …

New Slideshow, a few pics (jpegs) as input, save, programs crashes. Deleting more than one pic, program crashes.

Restarting, same behavior.

For me FM 4 really sets a new Benchmark: in nearly 5 years with OS X I have never had such a buggy unusable software!

@Axel_Polt: Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support with your issue report. Bastian already sent you an email with some instructions. Hopefully with your help we can find the root of the problem and make you a happy customer again!

Had high hopes when bought FM4. Seemed like great software until I saved my work and came back a few days later. Almost all my pics were gone and I had to figure out how to relocate them and do that. All was fine so I spent a few more hours working on a slide show and figuring out the program. Saved it again of course, but today almost all the pictures were gone again and there is 10.5 second section (one slide group) that won’t even show even after locating the pictures. It just doesn’t play that part of the slide show.

So far, a colossal waste of money, time and energy. This novice has to go back to a combination of other software to get the project done. I’ll be opening FM4 only to see if they have any updates that will make the program usable.

By the way, I bought the program long after these complaints started rolling in. I should have checked the forums. FM4 should have had a conscience and not put up such a shiny advertisement for such a crappy program.