FotoMagico 4 Audio and Timeline problem

Sometimes, some perfectly good audio files inexplicably don’t show a waveform in Timeline. Sure enough, when this happens, I don’t hear the file’s corresponding audio during the preview or play back. This seems to be affect some second or third Timeline tracks, but not the first…

I ran into this same problem. After recently purchasing the software I was concerned when this occurred. I eventually unplugged my external monitor, external hard drive and did a force quit and when I used this it started working showing the audiowave again. Had to do this 2x now and worked both times. Now if I could only get the export function to work…

I too had many problems in this area. I have used recent versions of Fotomagico and would just drop the audio file right after the last and no problems but with beta 4 and Version 4 I had major problems with this procedure. After much trial and error it seems that if I get that “exclamation point” telling to lessen the audio time of slide time I then switched from the storyboard to the timeline and make sure the files aren’t “jammed” against each other. I merely slide the end slightly away from the end of the recent file or vise-versa and then it plays fine. Sometimes the wave form disappears but I found in my case it still plays and then later it reappears. When my audio files were jammed together it caused many issues such as the thumbnail greying out. I just updated to version 4.1 and already had a different issue resolved with that. I am using a MacPro 2009. Bill

I just installed my Fotomagico 4 today and try to make a slideshow with music. There are a functionality to stop audio at a certain slide number, but this function seems not to be active. Is there anything I should do to activate this command or what?
It is of course important to change music on new theme of slides.

@slogen: You can grab the end of a audio track and drag it to the left, right after the last slide you what to be played with this music track.