Fotomagico 4.4

I am currently using Fotomagico 4.4. When I attempt to ‘share’ my AV as a ProRes video or a custom video it goes straight to “Export Failed, the export process has terminated unexpectedly. Please contact technical support”. This happens with all the AVs I have created over the past 4 years with version 4.4. I have previously attempted the share and it has been OK but recently I keep getting this error.

I did contact technical support but never received a response. What is causing this? I would be happy to upgrade but i suspect that my AVs that I have made with version 4.4 may not be compatible.

I’m sorry to hear about the technical difficulties and that you didn’t receive a response.

I’ll forward the issue to engineering. Meanwhile, you can download FotoMagico 5 from and try to see if the problem still exists before upgrading.

You will be able to open and use your FM 4.4 slideshows with FotoMagico 5, but not the other way round. So, please make sure to make a copy of your slideshow before opening it in FotoMagico 5.

Thanks for your response Oliver. It seems that my Fotomagico 4.4 has become corrupted somehow. It will not close down or force quit. When I tried to shut down my computer it wouldn’t because of Fotomagico so I had to turn it off manually. I will go ahead and buy the latest version.