FotoMagico 4.2 not saving changes

After upgrading to 4.2, FotoMagico I could no longer save changes to my slide show. I managed to fix this by right clicking on the slideshow .fms file and choosing GetInfo then changing all permissions to Read&Write.

Although my User permissions were Read&Write, the Admin permissions and the Everybody Permissions were Read Only.

I wonder if this is a 4.2 bug?

Okay. I thought I had fixed this, but apparently not. I have a show with 80 some slides. I decided to replace about 47 of them by using replace from the Images popup in the slide options.

All went well. I was able to output to an iPad .mov file as well as to a standalone player. Saved and closed the application.

When I re-opened the application, the file names are properly identified in the Image pane in Tools but the images of the replaced slides are not shown on the screen. When I try to output the show to a .mov file for a DVD, I get an error message:

“Couldn’t Save Media Files
The following 47 media files could not be opened to the document when saving the slide show because access was denied by the operating system [followed by a list of files}”

The files are in “/photos/Fotomagico Slide Shows/Iceland/Jpegs for Show”

I did a GetInfo on the files and they have read and write permissions for me, for admin and for everybody.

Console kicks out the errors in the attached file.

Seems to be a sandbox problem

I hope you can come up with an answer to this as it is a huge headache to have to reload the images each time I re-open the application

I am on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.2
Fotomagico 4.2 Rev 18226-F15489-R

Sorry for all the trouble! The read/write permission shouldn’t be a problem, but we definitely will have a look at it. The accessibility isn’t depending only on the access flags in the file system anymore, it is also controlled by the system application called “Sandbox Demon” (or “sandboxd”). A sandboxed application like FotoMagico can’t access any files in the system until an user gives permission to do so (or the application is granted permissions by Apple) Usually the user permission is given by an open file dialog and the access rights to the file is stored within FotoMagico.

This problem seems to occur only with slides which I have replaced using the images pop-up in the slide options. Are you able to replicate this problem on your end, Achim?

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug with FotoMagico 4.2 which is fixed in version 4.2.1: If you close the app by command-Q and had saved the file with command-S before, FotoMagico isn’t saving it again causing damaging the file. Please update your FotoMagico app to 4.2.1 and exchange your images again.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

This problem is NOT FIXED in 4.2.1 I just experienced a computer crash while using FotoMagico 4.2.1, and got the exact same error that JohnD reports, which blames the Operating System. The file, which contained 200 slides and I’d been working on for two hours, did not recover to the point that I had manually saved, nor did it autosave–there was simply nothing usable saved, except the first slide. Needless to say, I’m furious and hesitant to waste more of my time, but have an urgent need. I had version 2, and just bought version 4 a few days ago, and now I am regretting that decision, as there doesn’t appear to be much difference, except for the non-functionality.

I am also having major problems with my Fotomagico slideshow not saving. Not saving in autosave and not saving when I save manually. I have lost my slideshow 4 times and spend 10 hours on one slideshow. I am extremely disappointed right now…and tired! I am using 4.2.1 and this is the first slideshow I have tried to put together since purchasing the software. One would hope this is not an example of the quality we are to expect from Boinx. I am with SageJester, starting to regret the purchase. Can anyone help here? Achim, it seems a month has passed since the last post, is there any news with a workaround?

We worked on it and released 4.2.3 recently. I hope that the issues with saving are solved. Unfortunately there are a lot of new things in MacOS-X which are hard to implement correctly for all possible cases. Please report back any findings! (Please be patient if you have bought FotoMagico via the Mac-App-Store, Apple will need some time to approve this version)

Well it’s 2016 and I’m using 4.6.6 version and autosave has suddenly stopped working after using for a week. Has there been no solution to this issue!