Fotomagico 4.2 crash high sporadically when I put in a comment!!

When I try to put in a comment, using the comment tool, FM crashes very often. Sometimes when I start the application and put in the first comment and sometimes during the second or third comment. All comments are lost because the automatic save does not work with Mac OS X 10.7.5. And worst of all even the save button has no function when I deselect the automatic save. The only way is to close the document or put the red close button and save the complete slide show and wait and wait and wait.
Second problem:
My Slide show has about 700 Pictures and 50 .mov files. It runs well on my Macbook Pro (early 2011, i7, 8GB RAM). After I put in a comment it interrupts indefinable like crazy, not reproducible. Seems there a no problems with background audio files.
Need help please, I spent a lot of time for this slideshow and I am very frustrated because V3 does not have this problems.

  1. By “comments” you mean “Notes” from the “Slide Options Panel” to store notes for the presentation, or another text-object on stage to comment on an image for the audience?
  2. Did you send in your crashlogs with the Boinx Crashlog Reporter which pops up, when you start the app again?

Another text-objekt to comment on an image. I am using a German version, the context menu is “Diashow > Einfuegen > Kommentar aufnehmen”.
I sent a few times the crashlog, but I am not shure if there is a real email address in the crashlog tool. Can you please tell me the right address?

Additional information regarding point 1:
I have a slide show with about 700 Slides, including about 30 .mov video files.
When I start FM with this slide show and add an audio file as a comment on a slide, it takes a few seconds!!! then the comment tool appears. After that, I speak in the microphone, nothing happens at the red indicator. Now when I press the record button FM crashes. This is almost reproducible. After this crash and new start I can put in comments, but the slide show interrupts.
I sent you a crash report today to John Appleseed,
is this the right address?
I am using FM 4.2.1. The same problem i had with V4.2.

Any idea, the audio tracks are absolutely unusable??
I deleted all audio tracks, the slide show runs almost smoothly. When I put in a comment on a slide using the comment tool the slide show interrupts undefinable, as described above, sometime crashes FM.

A new effect in V4.2.1 is that the mute button does not work in the comment tool during a record and setting the audio markers is allways inactive.
Bugs, bugs, bugs. Dear company, I spent a lot of money and donated months of time, I am very frustrated with FM V4. I want to explain I had no such problems with V3, same hardware, same pictures!!
Hope somebody is interested in helping the poor customers.

Hi there,

I am very sorry that FotoMagico don’t work as expected on your end. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the bugs you encounter.

  1. Crashlogs: When the crash happens, usually the crashlog reporter by Apple pops up and ask you for a short comment about what you did. This crashlog report never reach us, because Apple is collecting them in order to check if the MacOS is involved with the crash but don’t share them with the developers. Thats why we installed our own crashlog reporter which pops up after relaunching the app. Please enter your email address in the report, so that we can see which ones are yours. (“John Appleseed” is the standard default email address provided by MacOS)

  2. Narration Recording:

  • The “Set Audiomarker & Continue” button (German: “Audiomarke setzten & Fortfahren”)is only enabled when you selected the workflow “Define new timing” (German: “Neues Timing bestimmen”). Have you set it to “Keep existing Timing” (German: “Existierendes Timing behalten”)?
  • The “Mute Other Audio” (German: “Audio stummschalten”) should work as expected. What happens when you click on it while recording a narration?

All your descriptions let me think that you may have a problem with the newly introduced “sandbox” feature of MacOS X. Please can you open the “Console” application by Apple, you will see system log messages floating through a window. Please check if there are “deny” messages with “sandboxd” (“d” at the end!) with FotoMagico? You may copy the console log and send it to support(at) with reference to this forum post. I will have a look at them.

Thanks for reporting those issues. It helps us to fix bugs in the software and helps all other users to have a stable version of FotoMagico.

Thank you Achim.
I will send you a set of Logfiles as a zip file. Hopefully you will get this, because I cannot find a ticket number, instead of missing an ID I will use this headline, and I attached this zip file on this ticket.
Please be aware, I have a slide show which includes about 700 jpegs and about 50 short (5sec) .mov filmclips, I use all features, zoom, masks, pip and audio. When I start the comment tool (Diashow>Einfügen>Kommentar) it takes about 5 seconds till it appears, after the first record FM crashes, after that I can put in comments, but the slide show interrupts undefinable and high sporadically, it seems to be o.k. when I delete the audio tracks.

You are right, “Set Audiomarker & Continue” seems to be o.k. The problem was you have to start the recording first, and after that the button changes from grey to black!!

The Mute Other Audio does definitely not work. I have a long background audio file in the first audio track and would like to put in a short audio comment using the comment tool.

  1. Thanks for uploading the crashlogs. I looked through them quickly and in my opinion they show a pattern. I will have to discuss this with the developer. Would you be able to upload you slideshow privately somewhere, so we can have a look at it too?

  2. the “Mute Other Audio” just means "while the recording of the narration. If you are recording and don’t have a headset to listen quietly to the audio of your slideshow this audio would be recorded again. This option lets you switch of all the other audio tracks while recording your narration so that no noise is in the background.

The function you are looking for is called “ducking”. After you recorded your narration you can select the narration in the timeline in order to get the options panel on the right side of the document window. Here you switch on “Ducking: Lower others by X %”. Set X to 100% in order to switch off other audio tracks while this narration is played.

Hi Achim,
today I tested again. It seems, when I record a comment using an external tool and drag it into the audio track there is no problem. I tried this a few times without any problems. It seems the problem only occurs when I use the FM comment tool (Diashow>Einfügen>Kommentar). As soon as I remove the comment, the slide show runs smoothly again, this is my feeling! The crash only happens with my MacBook Pro (early 2011) not with my iMac (late 2006).
I do not want upload my slideshow because the size is 6 GB and it is rather private, but I am willing to support you because I am very interested in solving this problem.

I understand how the mute function should work. Did you try it? It does not work in V4.2.1, when I record a narration on slides the background audio track does not switch off!! I tried this with my MacBook Pro and with my iMac.