FotoMagico 3.6.7 Frozen (black) screen

In OS X Lion v10.7.4, I opened an old FM slide show. No images visible in the window or timeline. I hit the play button as first troubleshooting step. FM froze and won’t respond, though the mouse cursor remains responsive. I’m gonna have to do a hard restart. What’s up with the disappearing images? Why the freeze with no escape? What happened to FM reliability?

After the FotoMagico 3.8.7 freeze/crash, I’ve tried:

  • CMD/OPT/ESC. The Mac does not respond.

  • Hard restart of the Mac Pro (front power button). The Mac is largely unresponsive, but sometimes it will sleep and then power back up to the desktop with a second push of the button. At that point, if I log in to another User ID, the Mac works fine. But if I try to log into my ID, the Mac reverts back to the FM crashed (black) screen and becomes unresponsive.

When I get the OS to open up at the desktop again, I see that Restart and Shutdown also are options. However, the OS won’t let me do either, because a user (me) is logged in and I can’t log out because it won’t accept my (administrator) log-in name and password on this screen.

This cannot be good.

Well the FotoMagico-frozen OS finally did let me Shutdown. It turns out the log-in screen I encountered required my long User ID, not my short User ID.

The FotoMagico slide show I was trying to open was from 2005, but I don’t know what version of FM was used to create it. I sure hope you guys aren’t routinely changing slide show formats and dropping support for old presentations in upgrades and updates. Now, I’m afraid to try and open any older FM slide show, and don’t trust your application.

More or less the same problem here: Fotomagico Home 3.8.7 sometimes freezes when I edit or play the slideshow. There seems to be no pattern of events when the freeze happens. Just randomly…

Sometimes OSX comes back after a few minutes, sometimes I completely have to reboot my Mac (powerbutton). CMD/OPT/ESC does not help or only shows up when OSX recovers. Sometimes I see the spinning color weel, sometimes there’s the normal cursor, but I can’t click anything.

MBP 2.4GHz Core 2, 4GB RAM
Fotomagico Home 3.8.7
OSX Mountain Loin 10.8 (12A269)

Any ideas?