Fotomagic - industry specific overlays & titles

I’m a real estate photographer and always looking for 2 things - making more $ and spending less time working :slight_smile: LOL

Fotomagico helps me to make beautiful slideshows but I think it lacks in a few areas that could really help an industry that is making slideshows on a daily basis.

Have a look at this slideshow I made for a recent house listing: Chalmers Street South - YouTube

I make the intro in FCPX and then assemble that with the photos in Fotomagico. This process takes me 5 to 10 minutes tops to complete the entire slideshow. I also sometimes will bring this completed slideshow back into FCPX to add overlays showing icons of the # of bedrooms, square footage, etc. See this video: Chalmers St S with overlays - YouTube
(specifically the .14 second mark and the last few seconds of the video)

I used to do all of this entirely inside FCPX, but was taking way too much time with Ken Burns effects, split screens, etc. Fotomagico solves that. If Fotomagico could develop some overlays for my industry (ie: a real estate overlay bundle) and possibly others, they’d have a winning combination in my mind.

Just a suggestion (quick question), but have you tried to reproduce those “overlays” and save that single slide as a snippet?

Just for kicks I created a single animated slide (with Start and Finish), placed 4 images within masks (some moved, some didn’t), then added some various text blocks that moved across the screen into place. Looked pretty much like what you wanted. Of course it would take some upfront work (like any type of graphics and such that you require), but once you have them saved you can use them over and over.

I do see where you just want to grab a “bundle” that’s already made for you. But then they probably won’t look exactly like what you may want (whereas creating them yourself they will).

Good idea, however since every listing is different square footage, different # bedrooms, bathrooms etc, I’d need the graphic to be editable.

Looking at your video which includes the overlay at 0:14, you can have the little red graphics (the house, bed, shower, and couch) as a single image that can be dragged in, or separate entities which can be placed individually. If you save them as .png files the image underneath will show through, just as displayed in your sample. The text above them (showing the sq ft, bedrooms, showers, etc) can be individual text blocks. Once everything is in place, save the single slide as a snippet (as mentioned before, with animation from Start to Finish). When you create a NEW presentation for a new real estate parcel, just drag in the snippet, change the images (which were saved in the snippet as Placeholders), and just edit each of the text elements as needed (sq ft., etc.) directly in the slide.

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