Foto Magico Media Location Management

Am using Foto Magico 6 on an iMacPro and will use my iPadPro 5G mostly for displaying my slideshows, but also for some tweaking. I am about to revise and significantly extend slideshows that I made recently with FM6. I want to better-organize my candidate-images-for-use-with-FM6 and its media browser - before I create updates and follow-on slideshows with many of the same or similar images.

My question: How best to move images that I’ve used/referenced in existing slideshows to a new location - on a different external drive - to where I plan to point the FM6 media browser - while not loosing a connection between the former FM6 slideshows and their about-to-be-moved images? Suggestions will be very welcome….

This may not be your answer, but I’ll throw some observations your way and see if anything helps :slight_smile:

When I create a slideshow, I ALWAYS COPY my original files to a folder specifically containing everything for that slideshow – that includes images, videos, and audio tracks. That way in the future, if I want to move the slideshow to another location, everything associated with it moves along within the folder. It’s easy to re-link connections if needed later on. Trying to use images from various sources (like Photos, Lightroom, etc.) is asking for trouble later on. This is only MY opinion. I just find it all easier to handle that way.

In the new Media Browser window (or even the older, original sidebar browser) you can’t (unfortunately) sort by “used” images – that is, those that you have placed inside your Timeline and that have the “used so many times” number in a small green circle associated with an image. Also, unfortunately at this time, OLDer slideshows don’t even display that number in the Media Browser window (an issue that has currently not been addressed). NEW slideshows DO display that number within the green circle, though. If your project DOES display those icons and numbers in FM6, you could perform a Command-click on all images within the browser that contain that icon, and then DRAG them all into a new folder. It will copy those images to the new folder WITHOUT losing connection to the currently displayed slideshow.

I know some people don’t like images scattered all over their hard drives, especially duplicates, but in this day and age when memory and external hard drives and SSDs are relatively inexpensive, it makes more sense to make copies of those images and reference them in the manner I described above – separate folders for separate slide shows, even if the images are used in two places or more.