Fotmagico 6 software stored? Online only or Desktop applications?

I have downloaded and paid for a month usage, but don’t see the application in my applications folder. Is it only online now. and not something you have in your desktop applications. Using a Macbook pro and OS Big Sur.

I know, stupid question – BUT – when you downloaded the FotoMagico application did it go into your “Downloads” folder as a .dmg file, which when you double-click allows it to install itself into your Applications folder? Kinda like tech support asking, “Are you SURE the computer is plugged into a working wall outlet?”

The FM app is NOT like a handful of apps that only run online. It should be inside your Apps folder as a clickable application.

It is also worth noting that the app remains on one’s computer even after a subscription has expired. It can still be used to play slideshows, but not to edit them until a new subscription is taken out.

Good point…since the “standalone” feature has been removed, the installed app remains as a standalone “player” of FotoMagico .fms files (unless the presentation was shared as a QT movie or some other format, in which case it can run independent of the FM app itself).

In that case, you should try searching for it via the Finder search function or Spotlight. Alternatively, you can opt to reinstall it again to ascertain you installed it correctly.