For multiple source cameras, what is more necessary: better processor & GPU or more RAM?

I currently own a Macbook Pro from 2012 with 8gb RAM and whenever I try to run Mimolive with 1080p or multiple source câmeras, the video gets choppy.
I am considering buying a new Macbook Pro but am anaware if I should go for more RAM or the fastest processor and best graphics card.


I think a great solution is to use an ATEM Television Studio HD with mimoLive. The ATEM takes the burden of multiple video streams and just sends the program output to mimoLive where you can add graphics, stream, etc. And with the ATEM Controller layer, you can switch the ATEM from within mimoLive! Here is a video I did that shows the whole setup:

I have a mid 2010 mac pro
Intel xeon 3.2 single processor, six cores
32 gb ram
GTX 980 4gb
x2 BM decklink duo
x1 BM decklink duo 2

I’m able to manage up to 8 camera inputs, 720 59.94p

Using mimolive 2.6.4 I get a consistent performance, using 3 monitors out (1.- preview - 2.- software - 3.- program out), and recording the show.

I also have a 2013 rMP, i7 2.3 ghz, 16gb ram
Using x2 BM ultrastudio minirecorder and x1 AJA U-Tap, I managed 3 cameras sources, with no problems, 720 59.94p