Font information and positioning

I have mentioned this on the Fotomagico discussion list but will add it to this list too.

When editing text, it would be useful if the font name and the size used was stored for accesss. If I haven’t written it down, I have to search the Font library for it and then keep changing the font size to find the one I used. It would be so elpful if it was stored and appears somewhere.
A grid or co-ordinates would also be useful for positioning (eg text) more accurately when dissolving from one slide to another.

Cross posting here and on the “Dappearing font and a request” section – having user-placed grid lines (that can be pulled from rulers along the left and top of the work space), along with the ability to place and resize rectangles and shapes in the workspace based on user-supplied dimensions, would be a great help for those of us who want to match various object sides, tops, bottoms, text blocks, etc. to a more exacting standard. I have submitted such a request before.