FOCUSRITE + ATEM Mini Pro Frames and Lyp Sync Dropping Issues

Dear Sirs, We are having problems lyp sync using the Mimolive in our transmissions, added to these drop in frames (Even having an excellent and stable internet connection). System configuration: Version 5.11, Jul 14th 2021, Apple Macbook Pro 15 Core I9 12gb Ram 1tb SSD with MacOS BigSur + NDI Plugins version 5; ATEM Mini pro ISO; Focusrite Solo 3GEN, Internet Dedicated Channel 20 MB. We would appreciate the help of your technical staff as well as users of this forum to improve the experience of our transmissions using Mimolive.
I am sharing part of the transmission in which we encountered problems.


Iltonys Verbel Ramos, Community Manager @Diosfuentedepoder

Hi @iltonysverbel Thank you very much for putting your trust in mimoLive. I’m very sorry to hear about the technical difficulties.

We can rule out the internet connection as the audio and video is transmitted together so they can’t get out of sync at that point. They could get out of sync when YouTube re-encodes the video but that is very rare.

I suspect that the ATEM Mini is causing USB-C to be overloaded due to the work load on the computer.

This can happen for example because the MacBook Pro is getting too hot. You can check this using the Intel Power Gadget as described here: Thermal Throttling - mimoLive - 5

I don’t think the Focusrite Solo is causing this, but to make sure, can you please do a measurement using the built-in webcam and a microphone connected to the Focusrite using this method: AV Sync Meter - mimoLive - 5

Do one measurement right away, then wait 30 min and do another measurement keeping the audio and video running during this time.

Of course I would do this for you, but I don’t have the Focusrite solo.

Yet another thing you can try is change the USB-C ports that you connect the Focusrite and the ATEM to.

Finally, there will be a slight offset between the ATEM and the Focusrite. You can try to send the audio through the ATEM as well or use the Audio delay setting in mimoLive to correct for the offset. In your YouTube video, I can see that the offset is not constant, though, which it should be.

Please let me know if any of this is improving things.

Hey Oliver, this is a great performance-testing list. I don’t think I’ve seen it assembled as cohesively before. It would be a good topic for a blog post, tech note, or FAQ.

Thank you very much Oliver for your quick attention. We will carry out tests as soon as possible according to your recommendations and I will let you know about our experience.

Currently our Macbook pro is kept at a stable temperature (although we are in Barranquilla- Colombia, the temperature of the transmission room is 16ºC / 61° F), additionally we connect to the ATEM by HDMI extenders 4 cameras: 2 Sony from the Alpha 6500 reference, and two CAMCODER: Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM and PMW-EX1 (PMWEX1). We have been doing 2 to 5 days of weekly transmissions using Mimolive for more than 1 year with few problems, the frame drops were sporadic, but for more than a month the frame drop and lip sync problems are constant in each transmission, especially when we use multi cameras.

Let me know your findings. Please note that the room temperature has nothing to do with the thermal throttling issue. The processor gets hotter the more it has to do and Intel‘s solution to keep it from melting is to slow it down significantly to a point where it becomes unusable. The Intel Power Gadget app is the ONLY way to check for this!

Understood Oliver. We will use the Intel Power Gadget app while performing the tests. Thanks for your help.

You could also try to use the ATEM also for audio input. There is a setting in the ATEM configuration where you can delay the audio in the ATEM. This way the audio and video will be sent to mimoLive already in sync.

Last weekend I had problems with an ATEM Mini pro which when connecting it to my macbook pro 2019 i9 / 32DDR4 (BIG SUR), it did not detect the camera connected to ELGATO CAMLINK 4K, after restarting and uninstalling the CAMLINK APP several times and The NDI 5 Plugins, I decided to install OBS and test if in this software if the camera was detected, surprisingly everything worked from OBS, then I tried one more time, I opened the MIMOLIVE (a little disappointed), and everything returned to normal … It was very strange