I’m a little confused about the difference between a .fms and a .ssp. I read the FAQ on the web site, and it’s still confusing to me. I’d like my original images and audio to always be included with the slideshow so I don’t have to worry about losing track of them. So I figured that meant I should use .ssp. Is that the correct reason to use .ssp? I tried to save as .ssp when I included actual videos inside the slideshow and that is not a choice. Consequently, I saved as a .fms. Does that include the files with the slideshow file? I did a “Show Package Contents” ont he .fms and it looks like all the images are inside of it. If this is the case, what is the difference or benefits of saving with .ssp?

Please just use .fms, the .ssp versus .ssd thing was long ago and .fms is more reliable, contains your files and is maintained in the future.

When saving a slideshow with no videos, there are 3 options. If I want all my files included, I can just use the .fms option? There’s also an option below it that says to look for external files. I’m thinking I should not select that. Also, you’re saying that the .ssd is an older format that I should avoid using?

Just use .fms which is the “state of the art” file format, then you will be fine.