.FMS store location

With Fotomagico 6, where are the .FMS files stored on a Mac?

FotoMagico .fms files are the slideshow presentations you create in FM and save to your hard drive, or wherever you want to save them. They aren’t the “shared” documents you create using the Share command, but are the files created using the Save or Save As… command. Just like a Word .doc document, or an Excel .xls spreadsheet, or a Photoshop .psd file.

Is that what you’re asking?

Just as an FYI, when I create a new slideshow, I ALWAYS create a new folder that holds EVERYTHING that goes into making that presentation – all of my images, all of my videos, and all of my audio tracks. If those files exist somewhere else on my hard drive (in music folders, in Photos, etc.) I will COPY all the needed files to that folder – in that way, I can copy the entire folder to a backup drive and know that everything needed travels along with it.

Thank you for the information. However, what I was looking for is the location where FM stores the snippets, downloaded tutorials, etc.


Ah, okay – Snippets (which includes pretty much everything from Boinx like Snippets, Effects, Splitscreens, Frames, Music Packs, etc.) can be found at the following location:

/Users/[your_user_name_here]/Library/Containers/com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS/Data/Library/Application Support/com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS/Snippets

In fact, if you’re in FM and you have the Media Browser displayed (or just showing your resources on the right side of the main window will do the same thing), you can do a Right Click on any of the above types of files and you’ll see a pop-down window that shows “Reveal in Finder” as an option. That’ll show you where the files are stored.

When Tutorials are released, on the other hand, you’d click on the Download button and a standard Finder dialog box comes up where you can designate where you would like to store it (so it could be anywhere you choose).

Perfect. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you

By default, Fotomagico 6 saves all of your project files to the “Documents” folder on your Mac.