FM6 Beta - Zoom in then Zoom out in a map animation

I have a test map animation from a GPX file that I have adjusted so that the animation pauses at a waypoint then continues (it is where we had lunch). I have added music etc and it looks good, for a test anyway.

What I have been trying to do is zoom in to the lunch stop then zoom out again as the animation continues. I have not had any luck finding a suitable method. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to do it easily?

If I tried the same task in Apple Motion it would be easy using keyframes, the animated route would not be so easy.

I have created map animations with a zoom-in, but I don’t see a way to then zoom out. You might have to create two separate frames and hope that the transition between them is not visible.
It would be relatively easy to do using Google Earth Studio; but you probably don’t want to hear that, plus the learning curve is quite steep.

The easiest method, although a bit tedious, suggested by Londinense, is to copy the map slide and paste it into the next frame. On the first slide zoom in from Start to Finish, ending the zoom where you want. Copy the geometry from the Finish slide and paste it to the Start on the next slide, then zoom back out on the Finish of that slide. Set the transition between the two to Cut. Now you’ll have to adjust the Start and Ending point of the Route, so it starts on the 2nd slide where it ended on the 1st slide. And adjust the Animation Speed so that it ends on the 1st slide and starts on the 2nd slide where it should. Sounds complicated when written down, I know.

Like I said, it’s tedious, and takes a bit of tweaking until it works the way you want.

This “new” Map Assistant feature and sort of “automatic” animation of the route that it provides is adding a number of possible options that users may want, but not necessarily making it easy.

It looked like the new Ctrl+C on the timeline would solve my request. However it does it for the slide add three cuts zoom in on one and zoom out on the other. Unfortunately each cut inherits the full track animation, so nearly there