"FM6 Beta Test.fms" is crashing FM6 Beta 6.0b21 (1013480)


for me at the FM6 startup dialog, going to Tutorials, downloading “FM6 Beta Test.fms” and then after downloading opening the tutorial makes my FM6 crash. Then I reopen FM6 and it crashes again, I think because it tries to open the last opened file again. After the second crash, I can open FM6 again.

However, the file “FM6 Beta Test.fms” seems to be damaged (I guess) but FM6 should not be crashing when something goes wrong with opening a project.


I can confirm this, although after the crash I was able to open one of my own slideshows. I have sent in a crash report.

Same here. No idea how to fix it.

Version: 6.0b24 (1013538) is out but having the same issue here.

6.0b28 (1013647) is still having this bug

Will be fixed in b29…