FM5.0b38 requires all memory of 16GB in my iMac

Problen is very easy to reproduce here: Create a new slideshow and insert “Mountain” from snippets/Intros. Click in picture Mountain the yellow triangle to scale down it. Like in my earlier discussion from Oct,28 “Scale down loops in FM 5.0b34” it happens too in FM5.0b38 and additional all memory is requested until system warning pops up “no more program space available”
Screenshot here

naturally click on exclamation mark

I can semi-confirm this – I never saw a system warning of “no more program space available” but after 5 minutes of watching a spinning icon, nothing was happening…

Mine too went from 11GB to less than 100mb. It went for a very long time then I got a memory optimized notice and the image finished but never sized down.
There are also crashes, just deleting a background image. I have however resized my own images and have not see any memory issues? Because it’s a Snippet?

much more here:
13,69GB hardware memory and additional 47,64GB swap on hard disk.screenshot 2

@waynecarsen: I don’t think it’s a “snippet” thing – I think it’s just a resizing issue. It seems like a snippet, per se, is just a pre-defined set of parameters for a slide, that can just be used over and over again. The resize issue is part of FM itself. I’ve never resized images, personally – I either use them full size, or they are cropped beforehand (in Photoshop) and then imported into the slideshow. I’ve never noticed a “slow-down” due to full size images. I assume it could also be a factor of your system’s processing speed. The faster the CPU, the quicker FM can handle loading and transitioning slides.

I had that phenomena once, but it didn’t last. Well put it this way, I thought I was confronted with a hang problem, so I forced the application to quit. Since than, I was not confronted with such a message.

same error in actual FM5.0b39