FM4 Saving issue

I am now up to my 4th ‘save as’ on the same slide show as FM4 will randomly decide that I cannot save my work. I will hit command-S and I get the disheartening ‘bonk’ that I cannot do that command. So I save as v2, then I can typically save a number of times, then ‘bonk’ and save as v3, etc. Certainly an annoyance and waste of HD space!


This may be a problem of the new technology called “Sandboxing” introduced by Apple. FotoMagico is given a permission to write to certain files on the computer by the MacOS system, including the document the user has opened with the application. This permission can be retreated by the system at any time. Do you have any 3rd party installations that scans your hard disk? Or do you have any process thats accesses your FotoMagico document in any way?