FM 6.4.2 installer update error, but there is a workaround

Attempted to update FM 6.4.1 to 6.4.2 from within the 6.4.1 app using the “Software Update…” menu option. Once the app is downloaded and tries to install, it comes up with an error. I tried three times in a row and kept getting the same result.

I then went directly to the FM webpage and downloaded the 6.4.2 updated version as a stand-alone .zip file. It unzipped successfully and the 6.4.2 version from that seems to be working correctly.

Just an FYI heads-up. Your mileage may vary…


the same for me FYI

Since today is a new version available (6.4.3) which should have fixed the software update issue, but the problem is still occur when trying to update to 6.4.3

On the Boinx website only version 6.4.2 is available for download so far

You can now update to 6.4.3 but only direct from the website.

Confirmed this morning.