FM 6.0b.20 is not working

I just downloaded the latest beta and opened a slideshow I had created in v19. Almost nothing is working, eg, cannot right click on an image on the stage to call up a contextual menu, cannot click on a text box to modify or move it, cannot drag an image to the storyboard etc.

Completely correct, I can open existing slideshows, but creating a new one does not work. Moreover, in the FM menu all functions are inactive

ditto. Unable to create a new slideshow or edit an existing one. Done the usual restart just in case but no change

Agree with all of the above, unfortunately :frowning:

HOTFIX FotoMagico 6.0b21 released!
• Creating and editing slideshows was disabled in b20. Sorry about that! It now works again!
• When the playhead is moved in the Storyboard, then the selection will be updated appropriately

OK works again, will start testing soon

Copy & paste

does not work in 6.0b21

Hi, willyman – could you be more specific when you say copy & paste does not work in 6.0b21? I copied and pasted one slide to the same slideshow, then I copied multiple slides to the same slideshow, then I opened a second slideshow and copied multiple slides from that show into the first show. It seemed to work successfully.

I am finding that certain things work – for a while. And then stop working. Like I thought Peter had fixed the Cmd-Z (Undo) function, but after running the app for a while I discovered that the Undo function seems to have stopped working. I can’t point a finger to what the cause is, since it’s not repeatable. Arrrghh!!

I tried to copy images from a file created with FM 5.x and opened with FM b21 into a new file created with FM.b21. I noticed that several functions in the FMb21 menu were grayed out. Same behavior when copying within the same source file

I just opened a file I had created in FM 5.x (containing about 450 slides) using 6.0b21, then I copied two adjacent slides at random, then I created a new file in 6.0b21, and then I pasted them in. The Copy and Paste functions did work for me (assuming I followed what you did), and they were not grayed out.

Right, just so only that the images were in the snippet 2-vertical.
But in the meantime I noticed that in a brand new project most of the menu functions are inactive