FM 6.0 No Access to own snippets

How can I use my snippets in FM6.0 created in FM5.x ? None is displayed in browser. My workaround is to open FM5.x temporarily only for inserting my snippet. But this cannot be the final solution

If you open FM 5.x, click on Snippets in the Options panel, then do a right-click (or Ctrl-click) on one of your snippets folders (preferably the “My Snippets” folder), you’ll see the option “Show in Finder” which will do exactly that. Now go to FM 6 and do the same thing (you’ve got to have at least one snippet folder there to be able to use to track down where those are hiding – pretty much the same place). Compare the two lines below to find the difference. You might have to find a distinction inside the Containers folder for both the older and newer version names.

For FM5:
/Users/your_username_here/Library/Containers/FotoMagico5/Data/Library/Application Support/com.boinx.FotoMagico5/Snippets/your_snippets_folders_here

For FM6:
/Users/your_username_here/Containers/FotoMagico/Data/Library/Application Support/com.boinx.FotoMagico6.macOS/Snippets/your_snippets_folders_here

Now just use the finder to copy the your old Snippets folder in FM5 to the new Snippets in FM6. If they don’t show up right away in the Snippets list, close FM6 and restart it.

Thanks stantastic, it worked. However, I find it unacceptable to expect the normal user to copy such endless paths.
It used to be that new major versions of programs were downwards compatible and existing files could be used without problems (or at least converters were provided).
Now, when I open slideshows created with F5.x with FM6.0, I sometimes get the horrors, especially regarding the display of texts.

I agree – I thought there was mention of WANTING to move snippets from the old version to the new one during the beta phase. I might have mentioned it to Peter once as well – I don’t remember. Obviously that wasn’t included in the released version. The issue in this case as that for each version you keep (in this case FM 5 vs. FM 6) a separate file path is created so that those data files don’t “intermix.”

As to opening files in FM 6 that were created in FM 5, I personally haven’t seen any major problems – yet! I haven’t checked all of my old files, but some of the later ones seem to work fine.

I guess, because you are - as mentioned once - no friend of Pan & Zoom, as well as the usage of snippets.

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If would have been better if the simple path that most other programs use for personal snippets etc.
say /Users/username//Library/Application Support/Boinx/FotoMagico6. had been used