Flickering in Slideshow

Many of my slides exhibit a flickering or moire effect when using the pan/zoom option. Any way to get rid of this flickering?

Probably this can be solved by resizing the images to a smaller resolution before using them in FotoMagico.

Do you think the the flickering would decrease if I didn’t sharpen the images as much?

I tried resizing some images, and it does appear that the images flicker/moire a little less. But by making them smaller it’s lowering their resolution and it isn’t that ideal for zooming in on with the pan & zoom effect.

If you reduce the resolution of the image you can start with a higher zoom value which will reduce this effect dramatically, it should help if you can begin your zoom from about 80-100% and then zoom in as far as you want.

Do you recommend against sharpening images? I use lightroom and use an output sharpener of “Screen: Standard” when outputting jpgs for FotoMagico.

Also, Should I avoid going above 100% when zooming? Above 100% means the image is not at its ideal resolution, right?

Hi again. In addition, to my questions above, I did a little research and found out that sometimes you need to de-interlace the images? Have you ever heard of that?

You can go above 100% but you have to find the right balance for your images in this case. You can’t deinterlace still images, just movies, but this would not help afterwards, I’m afraid.

Should I avoid output sharpening my images? Does that add to the flicker?

Also, by going above 100%, doesn’t that mean I’m going above what the image should be displayed at?

Please just try it by yourself. Every image is different, so for these very detailed aspects I can’t provide a concrete answer.

I realize this is all a give and take for each image, but I was hoping to get some guidelines from you.

To get the best output with the Pan & Zoom effect you seem to recommend just downsizing the images. Is that the only possibility to get rid of the flickering?

Yes, downsizing it so the start value will not be too low will help, there is nothing else to do here.