First Show

Is there an Australian Rep?
I’m a photographer just switched to mac. I have made my first show in foto and after rendering it’s still 76g. The show is only one hour long. What have I done wrong? I obviously can’t burn 70g to disc! I want to make a DVD to play on TV.
Receiving a lot of pressure from the bride so it would be appreciated if you can reply really quickly. I’ve slotted today away to fix this issue… Considering resurrecting the pc and redoing show in Proshow Producer!
Really hoping for a easy fix as its taken days to make the show perfect!
Kindest regards…chook66

If you move the file to iDVD, Roxio Toast or some other sort of DVD creating software, the video will gets re-encoded to the DVD format. Then it will fit on a DVD. You can’t burn a Data-DVD to be played back on a TV set, you have to burn a video DVD. Please note, that a video DVD is much less quality than you see in your 70 gigabyte movie. Even this refers to an old FotoMagico Version the following webpage contains useful information on the quality of exports: