Files locations - can't find the slide show files

Where are the slideshow files located? I’m trying to save a backup copy, and I can’t locate the files for my saved slideshow.

The photos used in your slideshow are inside the slideshow package. Where the slideshows themselves are located depends on where you saved them. To find out. Open a slideshow, then press and hold the CMD Key on your keyboard and click the filename on the very top of the window.
It will show you the path to the current file then. By clicking the folder underneath the filename the Finder will open this folder.

Clicking the filename and Command does not show me the path to the file. I do see a dropdown arrow and a window that allows me to save it wherever I want, but I cannot see the path using the command key. Thanks, I learned how I can save it in a different location. Just dowloaded version 4.5.4.