File size when importing into FM 4

I have tried saving files and importing into FM4 as sRGB JPEG 1920 x 1080 for HDTV at 72 ppi and quality 100. How much lower quality Can I use and get high quality pictures on TV. Until now all my production had been on an epson 3880 printer. Thanks for any help anyone is willing to share


Hi Peter,
to be honest, I don’t really understand what issue you are trying to solve. Why are you trying to lower the input resolution in FotoMagico?

My first slide show of 40 slides lasting 4 minutes or so was 14+ gigabytes, way to many for a dvd using iDVD. My second attempt was a bit over 2 gigabytes with jpeg files at quality 10 at 1920 by 1080’pixelsk at 72 ppi. I would like to make a substantially longer show and put it on a DVD. Peter