File size to burn DVD Slideshow is way too large and such poor qualty !

Having only recently broken away from PC (Now imac 27) as pro wedding photographer I have found it hard to replace Pro Show Gold which was the software that I used to produce my clients DVD’s of their day. It was effortless and the quality compared to Fotomagic Pro seems to be a world apart. Or is it me missing something? Once I have produced a slide show and then chosen the DVD share option (Pal) the file even for a small show may be 120 slides is massive and there is no way I can burn this to a standard DVD as you suggest. You would think by choosing the DVD option this would not be the case., and the quality is also as I say oh so poor compared to Pro Show Gold.
I am anxious to cut the string that attaches me to my old PC but for now even having spent over £220 for Fotomagic Pro and Toast11 I cant do it yet. Please could someone kindly offer advise as to what I am doing wrong because for the life of me I can’t see what !Cheers guys

If you use the DVD export preset, a file will be generated that meets the worldwide video DVD standards (PAL or NTSC depending on your region). So the resolution can’t be improved here, otherwise the DVD would not play on a DVD player.

You can improve quality a bit as described in our FAQ-article here (only available with FotoMagico Pro):

But the resolution will remain the same, I’m afraid.

The filesize does not depend on the number of slides but on the overall playtime of the show. Usually Toast will re-encode the file to fit on a DVD, is this the case?