File recording problems with 6.1.1

File recording no longer works if the Video selection is a Desktop Capture (Screen Capture or Window Capture). Once recording is toggled Live, it immediately turns back green.

I have no issues recording a “Program Output” if a desktop capture is set to Live but I often need to record sources that are not live as a program output. I am also able to select my webcam or external cameras and record successfully. It only seems to effect the recording if Screen Capture or Window Capture are selected as the video source.

I’m having a similar problem with 6.1.1. I have a program that has multiple recordings (program output plus 4 guests on separate recordings). The program output (which is the top file recording) starts and stays recording as normal. The other 4 recording start, run for about 2 seconds, but then stop as if I had manually stopped them. Tried multiple times, but the same behaviour consistently occurs.

I reverted back to 6.1 and this solved the issue. I’m happy to send my program file if it helps with diagnosis. I see that @Taylor posted this 9 days ago. @Oliver_Boinx can you help?

Hi @Kebbel, @taylor, Thanks for reporting. There will be an update shortly addressing this issue. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Any update on this. 6.1.2 changed the behaviour a bit, but now the second and subsequent recordings don’t even start with the show, and can’t be manually started.

@Oliver_Boinx I’m now having this issue again since the 6.2 update. If my recording source is a Desktop Capture (screen capture or window capture), the recording crashes immediately. This seemed to be fixed with 6.1.2 but I can no longer record screen captures set as the video source.

I am on a Mac (Monterey 12.3.1) and I tried beginning a new project from scratch in Mimolive 6.2, as well as updating older projects. Same issue applies unless I revert back to an older version. Can anyone address this issue?

Thank you

Hi @taylor I’m sorry for the troubles. Please revert to 6.1.2 while we investigate.

I’m having the same trouble. Tonight (4/3) when I tried to record an ISO of the desktop, it went from red to green quickly without me doing anything. It stops and creates a .mov file but it’s corrupted and won’t open. When I record the Program Output and choose the Desktop to record, it works perfectly.

I’m not sure if this is related, but my Canon R5 on a Cam Link is super choppy and fast when I record the ISO. But it works perfectly through the Program Output. I posted the performance monitor files on the FB forum for both issues. Thank you!

Posting here for my colleague on this issue, which is affecting us both in being able to get ISO recordings. I’m on Monterey 12.3.1 and you can see her situation below.


I’m hoping you can advise and help resolve a technical problem we’ve encountered on mimolive.

We are using mimolive to record either one or two mimocalls on video and audio. We have set up our OUTPUT DESTINATIONS to include one recording called “Program Output 1080” and another called “Person 1 Solo.” We also have an output called “Person 2 Solo.” Please see attached screenshot.

When we activate “Start Show” and then “Stop Show,” only the “Program Output 1080” is being recorded properly. For “Person 1 Solo” here’s what’s happening:

  • in Mimolive version 6.3.1, it creates no video with audio. It does attempt to create a file, but when you go to open the file, it gives an error message with something like “this file isn’t recognized and cannot be opened in Quicktime.” It also can’t be opened in VLC.
  • in Mimolive version 6.4, it creates a file. The audio is there properly, but the video is a single static shot.

In Mimolive 5.8.1, the problem does not exist. Both “Program Output 1080” and “Person 1 Solo” are properly recorded simultaneously with video and audio.

We need to be able to simultaneously recorded the Program Output and isos of the two callers (Person 1 Solo and Person 2 Solo). We used to be able to do this, but in the latest versions, this is not working.

Thank you very much in helping to resolve this important matter.


She also adds: When I click “Start show,” the on/off button on the “Person 1” output turns to red (which is good and indicates that it is recording). But then after 1-2 seconds, it automatically switches to green, which indicates that it is no longer recording. The same button for the “Program Output 1080” stays red and records properly the whole time after I click “Start Show.”

We both have:
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020)
3.8 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i7
However I am on Monterey and she’s on Ventura.

Hi @MiniMattersEL My apologies for the troubles. Can you please post the screenshot which is missing (or even better, send me the mimoLive file)?

I think I know what happens, but we thought we had fixed that problem in mimoLive 6.4

Hi @MiniMattersEL Thanks for sending the screen casts! We will try to recreate the issue on our testing machines to get to the bottom of this!

Thank you, @Oliver_Boinx ! Hoping for resolution to be able to use the latest versions of MimoLive.

@MiniMattersEL we believe the issues have been addressed in the latest beta release, 6.5b1. Could you please test with this new version and let us know if it resolves your problem? You can find it here: . We value your feedback and are here to support you in resolving any persisting issues.

Thanks @Achim_Boinx! We will likely be able to test this tomorrow. Very important for us, and appreciate the attention!

My colleague has tested this and writes: The version 6.5b2 seemed to be the latest at the link they provided. I tested that version and the problem seems to be resolved … Thank you. I will be using it soon as well on upcoming projects.

Hi @MiniMattersEL Good to hear!

@Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx My colleague has an unfortunate update where a TVShow appears to work in Sonoma but not Ventura. She writes:
We are having a problem using Version 6.5b2. When using it on a desktop version (using Sonoma 14.0), we are able to have 2 mimocalls stream to the TV Show. The video and audio signals are being sent from the mimocaller to the Host Show, and the show is being transmitted to the mimocaller.

However, when we open that same TV Show on a laptop (using Ventura 13.5) or another desktop (also using Ventura 13.5), the mimocalls do not work. From the perspective of the mimocaller, the camera shows the person from the caller. However, there is “no signal” in either sending or receiving a connection with the Host TV Show. We have tested a number of different TV Show files, but none is working for mimocalls.

If you switch host computers but using the same mimoLive document mith mimoCall sources you need to make sure that both computers are logged in to the same Boinx Connect account. Otherwise you can’t use the same mimoCall ID on both devices. Please check the status line of the mimoCall source in you mimoLiive document if it reports such an error. What does the status line says anyways? “Connecting to partner…”?