File Recording problems - Atem Mini/M1 max/


i’ve got problems with file recording camera from my atem mini. When I record a program output there is no dropped frames, but when want to record iso only camera (BMPCC 6K) which is connected via hdmi to atem mini, there are a lot of dropped frames. My setup has also 2 iphones 13 pro which comes from NDI and when i want to record it, there isn’t dropped frames. My project is 30fps and full HD. Camera, Atem Mini and iPhones are set to 30fps. I’m on ventura 13.2, mimolive 6.4 (at beta 6.4b10 problem also occurs), atem switchers 9.2, macbook pro m1 max 64gb ram / 8tb ssd.



Hi @michalpatyra Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry for the troubles.

We’re currently investigating an issue that might cause this and plan to fix it in the next release.

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